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The categories in this section covers the most common aspects of planning, preparing, investing and/or moving to the province. They are designed to be informative in a simple and straightforward manner. We cannot stress enough the need to appreciate the implications, logistics and cultural issues when  trying to fulfill your dream. While much of the information is based on requirement some of the guidance and detail has come from our own experience.Companies included are reputable and promoted mainly based on our own experience.

Please use the CONTACT US page should you require any further information or guidance.

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  • Zumpt's Non-Resident Survival Guide

    Zumpt's Non-Resident Survival Guide Description

    Cape Town Attorney Marco Zumpt has produced this excellent little book which creates awareness and guides you through many, if not all the issues surrounding the matters of a Non - Resident in South Africa.

    Comprehensive in it's content and very straight forward to follow this book covers Customs / Immigration reqirements and legalities, Money / Investment / Risk awareness matters and South African tax obligations. There is also a miscellaneous section covering transport,communication and assistance complete with useful contacts and numbers.

    For further information please contact -:

    Marco Zumpt c /o
    Kritzinger & Co Attorneys,
    PO Box 5407,
    Cape Town,
    South Africa

    TELEPHONE - 0027 (0) 82 233 1193
    EMAIL -

    You can order the book online via the above website or CONTACT US - Cost R250 each plus R40 International postage.