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    Communications Description

    Telkom is currently the country's only land line service provider, the network is extensive and covers all major and most minor areas of the country. Not suprisingly call charges are amongst the highest in the world. You can order your land line from any Telkom shop which are in most shopping malls. Non residents that own property and require a new home landline have to pay a R700 deposit in addition to the installation charges.

    MTN, Cell C and Vodacom are the main three mobile / cell operators, although Virgin have /are making inroads into this lucrative market. As with the UK there are a mindboggling number of contracts to consider, some with 24 month contracts !

    OUR ADVICE - Before you tie yourself up with a mobile / cell service contract take the "Pay As You Go" option initially. It is so easy, buy your number SIM card at most phone or major stores, and buy yourself some airtime at the same time. The call charges are slightly higher but you actually do not seem to notice this and you are not tied into a contract.

    We have been here for many years now and have 2 cell phones on Vodacom "Pay as You Go". We load our airtime via the ATM machines from our bank accounts. If you prepay R1000 lots you recieve 100 extra units which is around 10% extra.

    NOTE - For short 'holiday' peroids It is possible to rent a mobile / cell phone from the phone shop at Cape Town Airport Arrivals Terminal if you so wish.

    Cell Phone / Service Provider Websites are -

    Cell C -

    MTN -

    VIRGIN -


    With effect from 1st August 2009 the RICA Act came into legislation. It is now compulsory that ALL cellphone sim card numbers ( Contract & Pre-Paid ) be registered either at the time of a new sim card purchase, or for exsisting cellphone sim card numbers, you must personally go to your service provider or your service provider point in many major stores and register.

    Customers need to be aware that only SIM cards need to be registered and not cellphones.

    When registering, customers will need to have with them:

    *Cellphone number
    *Full names and surname
    *ID number or passport number. You will need to show one of the following documents as proof of identity:
    --green barcoded ID document;
    --ID card;
    --temporary ID certificate; or
    *Physical address. You will need to show any document that includes your name and residential address such as a bank statement, municipal rates, cellphone or retail account, (not older than 3 months), existing lease, rental or credit agreement, insurance policy, current TV or motor vehicle licence.

    For exsisting users, failure to comply by 30th June 2011 will mean that your number will be de-activated. Furthermore, you may be liable to a heavy fine and possibly a custodial sentence.
    NOTE - If your cell phone number ends up being de-activated after 30th June 2011, the service providers are allowed to reinstate that number upto the 31st December 2011 providing you produce the required details mentioned above. After that date there is no reinstatement of any numbers at all.

    MORE IMPORTANT NOTES...............

    If your cellphone is stolen, lost or damaged, you are required to immediatly advise your Network Service Provider so that the SIM card can be blocked and 'Blacklisted'. You can also block and blacklist your cellphone with them,however you need to give them the IMB number ( cellphone 15 digit serial number )

    In both cases you will be given a 'Blacklist' reference number. You MUST then report it to the police who will then give you a case number.

    Failure to report a stolen, lost, damaged phone is considered a criminal offence and you could be liable to a fine or even up to two years in prison.

    Public phones are coin and card operated. Green Phonecards are available from hotels, post offices and supermarkets and card values are from R10 to R200.

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