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The categories in this section covers the most common aspects of planning, preparing, investing and/or moving to the province. They are designed to be informative in a simple and straightforward manner. We cannot stress enough the need to appreciate the implications, logistics and cultural issues when  trying to fulfill your dream. While much of the information is based on requirement some of the guidance and detail has come from our own experience.Companies included are reputable and promoted mainly based on our own experience.

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    Insurance --- Medical Aid & Care Description

    Having the appropriate insurance for any expatriate is absolutely essential. In South Africa there are a great deal of companies and even more financial advisers around to service your requirements in this growing market. Knowing which is the right company and the right level and types of Insurance cover can be a bit daunting in a foreign country. It certainly helps to have an advisor that fully understands you needs, so you are not over or under insured.

    CAR INSURANCE - There is no legal requirement to have you car insured in South Africa. You will find that many of the very old 'local' cars will not have their vehicle insured. However, many Capetonians do have Third Party insurance and on a new, more expensive car, it is more likely to have fully comprehensive insurance.

    NOTE - If you have a car accident you are required to complete an accident form and obtain a CASE NUMBER at the Police Station nearest to the accident ( If Possible ) YOU MUST HAVE A CASE NUMBER which will be required when completing your insurance claim form.
    For accident and car body repair specialists please go to the 'Driving Information' category above. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page

    For our part and upon recommendation, we use Old Mutual. They are the largest and most well established financial services provider and the leading Insurance company in South Africa. We deal with one of their Senior Financial Advisors based in Cape Town, who has guided us and ensured we have the appropriate cover.

    By having all our insurance cover with one company we found the overall best deal. Furthermore, some premiums can be reduced by having such things as your house alarmed, a tracking device on your car and even paying the premium annually, not monthly.

    For further information and please contact direct -:

    LINDA ELLIOT - Senior Financial Advisor.
    Old Mutual Life Assurance Company (SA) Limited,
    4th Floor, ABSA on Grove,
    14, Grove Avenue,
    Claremont 7708,
    Cape Town ,
    South Africa.

    TELEPHONE - 0027 (0) 21 673 2101
    CELL - 0027 (0) 82 377 4350



    Healthcare in South Africa is comprised of a large public sector and a smaller, but flourishing private sector. Government spending in the public sector has been sizeable but resources are still lacking and much of the specialist / acute care is now provided by the private sector which offers some of the very best medical care in the world. Specialist treatment is available at state hospitals, but the waiting lists are typically exceptionally long.

    Medical Aid schemes are now commonplace throughout South Africa. There are a great deal of plans to suit almost every need, from full medical cover to a hospital plan only. However, many medical aid schemes have ceilings for each category / procedure, and medical expense beyond the ceiling can /may result in the member paying the difference. This is something you should look at before deciding which scheme and level of cover.

    It is also worth pointing out that for many and depending on your age, there can be a "Late Joiner Penalty' added to your monthly premium. In most cases for overseas people moving to South Africa, this charge can be reduced by having proof of previous scheme membership.

    There are a great deal of companies that offer medical aid schemes in South Africa and as with insurance it can be quite daunting as to who will give you the right level of cover without compromising on the cost. Again we have been advised by Old Mutual and opted for the FED HEALTH MEDICAL COVER Hospital Cover Scheme. Further information, guidance and no obligation prices can be obtained from LINDA ELLIOT. ( details above.)

    NETCARE is the biggest private 'health service provider' in South Africa with over 40 hospitals , 20 + clinics and the largest fleet of emergency response vehicles in country via it's Netcare 911 service. This Netcare 911 service is available to everyone at a small annual cost, but most medical aid schemes include this.

    Further details on NETCARE are on -

    Further details on NETCARE 911 are on -


    There are a great deal of high quality Doctor and Dentist surgeries ( and other medical aid services ) throughout Cape Town and many can be found in the local telephone directory / Yellow Pages.

    HOWEVER, in our experience it would be wise to ask someone you know or a neighbour for a recommendation. We use INTERCARE which offer a full range of services at their local area clinics. Further details can be found by visiting their website


    Francois Duminy is one of South Africa's leading Cosmetic / Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons based in Cape Town.

    M.B.Ch.B (University of Cape Town) 1977
    Ch.M.(University of Cape Town) 1989

    South African Medical & Dental Council Reg. No: MP19817
    Medical Practitioner - 1978
    Specialist Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon 1990

    Consultant in charge of Microsurgical Training -
    Consultant in the Hand Clinic of Groote Schuur Hospital and the University of Cape Town

    Cosmetic Surgery
    Hand Surgery (Trauma)
    Reconstructive Breast Surgery.
    Laser Surgery
    The use of Conscious Sedation in Cosmetic Procedures


    Bow Cottage,
    2, Wilderness Lane,
    Claremont 7708,
    Cape Town.

    TELEPHONE - 0027 (0) 21 683 3048

    For full details on Francois Duminy and the services provided, please visit -