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    Non Res SA Description

    As one of South Africa’s specialists, Non Res SA assists foreign and South African clients returning to
    South Africa to ensure that their documentation is correct for the purposes of the Reserve Bank exchange
    control in respect of property purchases.

    Services that Non Res SA offers

    Since every country’s property laws are unique to that country, coupled with the Reserve Bank of South Africa’s policies with regards to repatriating funds, we offer the following services to untangle the legalities associated with non-resident property ownership:

    * We will guide you through all financial rules and regulations prior to you signing off an offer to purchase

    * Commissioner of oaths

    * A full explanation of South African Reserve Bank regulations regarding the introduction and repatriation of funds

    * Arrange the opening of a non-resident bank account

    * Endorsement of title deeds to facilitate the repatriation of funds on sale of the property

    * Advice on renting out property owned by a non-resident

    * Administering the repatriation of funds for clients

    * All tax issues: We work very closely with a very efficient tax consultant

    * Offer very competitive exchange rates which can be a substantial saving for clients

    * Contact us for reputable estate agents, attorneys and a travel agent

    * Arrange insurance on your property

    * South African residents leaving SA – We can arrange foreign investments or arrange your formal emigration

    For further information please contact -:

    Jo Williams

    Non Resident Consultant


    Tel: +27 (0) 21 785 2983

    Cel: +27 (0) 83 242 5888

    EMAIL -:,

    WEBSITE -: