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    Eisenberg & Assoc - Immigration./ ID Description

    Moving to a foreign land to establish a business, to work, or to retire can be a daunting experience. When your in the already stressful process of uprooting your life and moving to South Africa, the last thing you want to face is the unfathomable web of immigration rules and procedures, thwarting your every move, with the South African Home Affairs Department leaving you unsure and frustrated.

    Eisenberg & Associates is a law firm specialising in the field of South African immigration and nationality (citizen) law. Gary Eisenberg founded the company in March 1997 and after 10 years of continued success, Eisenberg & Associates which is based in Cape Town, now conducts one of the largest law practices on the African continent. Furthermore, they frequently take instructions from foreign attorneys and corporate entities, making Eisenberg & Associates a global firm.

    Given all of this, Gary Eisenberg with his highly efficient team, offer a very personal and professional service, they listen to your needs, evaluate your specific issues and provide immigration solutions that work for you and align with your own objectives.

    ANYONE wanting to reside, (in any capacity) or work in South Africa must be fully aware of the NEW Immigration laws effective May 2014.

    The new rules are far more stringent than the old rules and far less flexibility. Some of the major changes in terms of the new rules are that:
    - applicants cannot change their status from the holder of a tourist visa to a long term visa holder, save for certain exceptions;
    - applications filed in South Africa must be done at least 60 days prior to the expiry of the current permit;
    - exceptional skills work permits no longer exist;
    - intra-company transfer work permits are now valid for four years;
    - a general work permit application will not be complete without a certificate issued by the Department of Labour which could take 30 days to obtain;and
    - in terms of current practice, anyone who departs South Africa without being in possession of a valid permit, irrespective of whether or not he or she has a
    pending application with the Department of Home Affairs (“DHA”), will be declared undesirable upon exit and will be banned from South Africa for period
    between one & five years.

    There are also new rules for Permanent Residents travelling in & out of South Africa

    The South African Dept of Home Affairs is no longer endorsing permanent resident permits into the passports of the holders of permanent resident status. This means that the foreigner must travel with the original permanent residence permit or the original South African ID – it is obviously wiser and safer to travel with the South African identity document.

    For further information regarding South African Immigration, details on types of permits or to make an enquiry please contact -

    Eisenberg & Associates,
    2304, 23rd Floor ABSA Centre,
    2, Riebeek Street,
    Cape Town. 8001
    South Africa.

    TELEPHONE - 0027 (0) 21 421 7003

    EMAIL -


    For your infomation the South African Home Affairs website is


    The new ID smart card is now in the process of being introduced and will eventually replace the existing green ID book. It is intended that all current holders of the green ID book - ie South African Citizens and Permanent Residents will receive the new ID smart card, although it is expected to take 5 -7 years to complete the project.

    NOTE - Initially only South African citizens may apply fro the new ID smart card. Permanent Residents will be informed regarding their applications in due course.

    There are now many Home Affairs Offices that can process the new ID smart card and there are now some main bank offices that have a Home Affairs desk just to process the card applications.

    Please check with the link below for up to date information.


    For more up to date information about the new ID smart card and FAQ's please visit the following link by clicking --- HERE